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Zekern Owner

Zekern: 5 months ago
Hey, I'm zekern! Owner of vraxilemc

GolldMinerr: 9 months ago
Ngl my skyblock island is better than yours. Hey wait a minute.

Zekern: 9 months ago




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You were banned for violating, you were harrassing staff and hating the server a ton. Obviously i would mute but you were being seriously irritating especially for in development for beta.

9 months ago


9 months ago

Hello, I'm Zekern the official Owner of VraxileMC. Welcome to our forums page! Here you can register an account and view various forums and create new threads. I'll also be posting announcements and server news here as well as the discord server! come check out the different websites.

Store - https://store.vraxilemc.com

Discord - https://discord.vraxilemc.com


9 months ago